Caring about us working up a sweat

Caring about us working up a sweat at the computer, Olga Zaykin, using own experience, has devoted its energies to the development of a set of exercises that you can perform almost without moving from the workplace. Moreover, she’s threatening not to leave this topic and continue to develop such systems. Now you can select your complex, or combine suitable for you exercises. The latest addition includes elements of breathing exercises: Bodyflex, Strelnikova, Shatalova.
Sometimes new is well forgotten old. Once many years ago had a mandatory gymnastics. She was treated most often with laughter, and all of it remained in the memories somewhere in Communist Saturdays and collection of waste paper.Then came American movies about the lives of businessmen and business ladies, which sounded the words: fitness club, step aerobics, shaping, stretching, on the screens flashed in the office equipment and personal trainers, and the main characters and the heroine suddenly neither from that nor from this began to demonstrate the flexibility of his body, not in films about sports and not in a bed scene, and the background of the office scenery.

In Russia American good initiative was taken up at once. First, the word “fitness” was associated exclusively with sports halls and fitness clubs, then there were exercises home fitness, and only in the last two years there was extensive development of office fitness.

In short, gymnastics “in working noon” is back.


Workout in the workplace – that will save us from apathy and our body from ossification.

Office fitness can be carried out once a day – say, in your work schedule to give him 15-20 minutes.

Better to do it in the afternoon or before dinner (but not immediately after a workout to go to the dining room!).

You can go the other way – “insert” the individual exercises into your work schedule. For example, sit at the computer – mash legs under the table. Others go to smoke – and you go out and walk around the hallway a couple of times or go up and down the stairs. All out – climb and make a few bends and squats.

Limitations of office fitness

No intense exercise – it is just a warm up (in shower-you will get soon!).
No sharp exercises and swings with a large amplitude (you’re in business clothes).

But even this limited warm-up will bring a lot of benefits.

You should not wear tight fitting clothes and underwear that rubs. Pick shoes with a comfortable heel and Shoe. Uncomfortable shoes constricts the blood vessels that disrupts normal blood flow, deforms the foot.

Let’s start with the feet, our long-suffering feet, which is especially not like standing and sedentary work and the need to stay in one place without movement. Standing and sedentary work is bad for circulation and, consequently, on the condition of the foot. Varicose veins (especially in women) often is associated with sitting or standing position.

Foot good simple exercise – walking. Appeared a minute – stand up from the computer and walk down the corridor, quick step.

If you have long to stay in one place – try periodically shifting from foot to foot. Get rid of bad habits of sitting, foot for foot.

Try “on the quiet”, sitting at the computer, to do these exercises:

in the sitting position “run” feet on the floor;
a minute or two tap heels on the floor. The point of this exercise is that you “disperse” the blood and lymph;
practice toes – try to take them from the floor, small items – socks and tights this is not a problem;
roll the sole of the foot any cylindrical object such as a thick pencil;
“walk” in a sitting position on the outer side of the foot, on the inside, on heels and on the toes;
make the feet a little massage – light stroking, starting at the feet and the arch of the foot, rise on the calves to the knee, then a few circular motions over the knee and thigh to the groin.

Do not abuse coffee coffee dilates blood vessels. In offices most often in free access without restriction of coffee, tea and sugar. Use this freebie is limited. Slightly Smoking relieves stress and lets you focus, and it is a way of information sharing… But Smoking also dilates blood vessels and impairs circulation, especially in the lower extremities. I urge you to quit Smoking, I know how difficult it is (even though she never smoked), and the harm from Smoking is somewhat exaggerated, but it’s still not a Smoking abuse.


Do not be sad in the absence of funds on gyms and exercise equipment: to be used as a training tool, and can sportsarama and homemade “handy tools”: table, chair, wardrobe, small balcony, bottles of water.

Continuing the theme of office fitness, find our offices in existing “simulators” and use them to improve the body.

Tables and bedside tables are good for pushups. However, once for pushups at the Desk caught me wrong time came the Deputy Director of the Institute – dumb. His eyes were like saucers. Therefore it is better to exercise when you locked the doors or in the company of their own kind (i.e. those who want to have a good figure).

The chair can be used as a ballet Barre. Especially comfortable chairs with high back. Ballet exercises are graceful and elegant, so they can be done even in public – in addition to the compliment of the type “what-beautiful-feet” you will not say anything.

The three-volume English-Russian dictionary (or thick reference books and directories), put on the floor, it is suitable for step aerobics at a slow pace (the pace can not speed up – you’re in the office). For this bench fits library (a library is perfect for fitness of for shelves is not visible).

The same three-volume dictionary is needed to generate beautiful gait: put a dictionary on the head (1-3 volumes) and with him walk around the room.

I suggest to use the terrain: often in offices are convenient corners, niches and pristupochke, awnings and recesses.

So look for (improvised office-shells) and you will find (in good shape).